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Leigh Anne "Cookie" Lorenzo


Community Relations Director

Leigh Anne was born and raised in New Mexico and is member of the Pueblo of Laguna. Leigh Anne's Grandmother is Maidu. She has lived in Albuquerque for close to twenty years, and has two sons and is a grandmother of a girl and boy.

As a teenage mother, Cookie graduated high school with her GED. While she does not have a degree in higher education (yet), she does have experience in almost everything.

Her experiences in life have brought her in contact with all types of humans, whom she has learned many lessons. Having contact with all sorts of people has shown her that she is where she is supposed to be today.

Cookie is so grateful to my ancestors for giving her her cultural lineage. That is where she draws her strength from, those century old instincts in her body telling her to pray for clarity, courage, wisdom and love for all living beings.

She believes in her essential rights as human beings, that know one, other than herself, has any control over her body. She extends that to others, as she continues to make human autonomy one of her lifelong pursuits.

Many Blessings.

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Leigh Anne "Cookie" Lorenzo
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