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Abortion Fund

Our abortion fund is open to all Native and Indigenous people in the United States and Canada who have the capacity to become pregnant and are seeking an abortion in the United States.  If you are not Native or Indigenous, please do not submit a request via our abortion fund.   Not only is it taxing on our team, you are taking away time and resources intended for our community.


We periodically close our abortion fund when we are at our monthly capacity and/or need rest.  The intake form will always be up to date with closures.

Donations are always open and help us increase our monthly capacity, as well as sustain our work long term.  You can help support the abortion fund which makes abortion accessible to Indigenous communities.  Consider making a one time contribution below or visit our donate page:

CLICK HERE to fill out our form online or you can call or text our warm line (505) 398-1990 to get more information.  Our team uses and recommends the Signal app for secure communication.

Please do not call the warm line if you are not seeking abortion funding.  This is not helpful for our team who prioritize clients on this call line. 

  • If you have general questions, you can submit a request on our contact page.

  • If you are media, please review our press page​. 

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