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Board of Directors


Shaine Garcia

Shaine (Acoma Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo) is an advocate for women to have control of their bodies in both a traditional and contemporary Indigenous environment.


Justin Lorenzo

Justin (Laguna Pueblo) believes that our Native women must have body sovereignty to lead healthy lives. He wants to work to ensure that Native men have the information and skills they need to support our women and LGBTQ2S family members so we can dismantle patriarchy together.


Catherine D'Ignazio

Catherine D'Ignazio is a scholar, artist/designer and hacker mama who focuses on feminist technology, data literacy and civic engagement. She has run women's health hackathons, designed global news recommendation systems, created talking and tweeting water quality sculptures, and led walking data visualizations to envision the future of sea level rise. Her forthcoming book from MIT Press, Data Feminism, co-authored with Lauren Klein, charts a course for more ethical and empowering data science practices. D'Ignazio is an Assistant Professor of Civic Media and Data Visualization in the Journalism Department at Emerson College, a Senior Fellow at the Engagement Lab and a research affiliate at the MIT Center for Civic Media & MIT Media Lab.

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