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Jennifer Lim is first generation Korean, born and raised in northern New Jersey, occupied Lenape territory, and has lived in Albuquerque since 2015.

Her professional experience ranges from working with formerly incarcerated folks in the NYC shelter system to youth in New Mexico focused on social and racial justice. Since moving to NM, she has gained the most transformative experience organizing around reproductive justice with a collective of badass Asian femmes. Jennifer remains grateful for the ways in which these people reframed and continue to shape her life, helping her understand how our collective liberation is dependent on one another.

She first became familiar with IWR after attending one of their early fundraisers shortly after moving to Albuquerque and has since spearheaded efforts for NNAF’s Fund-a-thon for the New Mexico Abortion Funds. She is proud to serve as IWR's Communications and Media Director.

When not being funny on in the internet and IRL, turning down media requests, or being referred to as "difficult" by white women as a result of not being their token model minority, Jennifer enjoys doing absolutely nothing with a nice cocktail.

Jennifer Lim

Jennifer Lim


Communications and Media Director

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