Meet the 

Community Innovation Team!

Indigenous Women Rising brought together a team, which is one of four teams from across the country, to participate in a Community Innovation Project as part of the Make The Breast Pump Not Suck Hack-A-Thon, hosted at the MIT Media Lab!  The team will use design and innovation techniques from the LUMA Institute.  


We believe that Indigenous people’s traditional clothing can be adapted for breastfeeding and pumping- we've been breastfeeding for centuries!  Rachael and other indigenous parents have struggled with breastfeeding while trying to maintain a close relationship with the traditions and ceremonies in their communities. Rachael’s team is sourcing a Pueblo seamstresses to develop breastfeeding-friendly traditional clothing that will adapt breastfeeding needs of parents and babies while remaining true to the traditional styles and design. The team will create four to six prototypes of the traditional outfits.  Check out pictures from our time in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the MIT Media Labs!

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 No matter how subtle it may be. 

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